This beautiful art glass platter was inspired by the irises that bloom each spring in my garden. One of my favorites is deep burgundy and cream-colored. Against a blue sky, the iris is spectacular. This larger-than-life iris petal captures the beauty of the bloom.


A rich red glass is assembled with other glass, hand-painted with yellow, orange, and gold-tone accents, accented with glass frit, and fired in a kiln. A second firing gives the platter its organic shape. The result is a beautiful art glass platter. I've tried to include photos at slightly different angles so you can get a sense of the lovely organic shape of this work of art.


This one of a kind art glass platter measures ~16x12". 

Bearded Iris Art Glass Platter

  • Art glass bowls and platters should be hand-washed; automatic dishwashing is not recommended.