This bright and sunny art glass bowl is at home in the garden or as a whimsical table-top art piece. The bright yellow bowl is approximately 5" in diameter. In its copper stand, it sits 8" high.


Note that the bowl is not secured to the copper, so it's best to display this where it will not be easily knocked over. 


Instead of the copper stand, I can ship the glass dish with an acrylic bowl riser, or the bowl will sit nicely balanced on a flat surface. If you would rather have the riser, the price if the bowl is $7 less. 


The remaining flower bowl in stock has a red and white center. 

Bright Yellow Garden Bowl

  • Art glass bowls and platters should be hand-washed; automatic dishwashing is not recommended. 

    If used in the garden, it is best to bring this little beauty inside if you live in a harsh winter climate.