Outside my home office window are two butterfly bushes that live up to their name from mid-summer to early fall. This beautiful artglass bowl was inspired by a monarch butterfly who visited the bush this summer, that I was able to capture a picture of (see reference photo). This fused glass bowl was fired in a kiln three times, with the last two firings taking 20 hours plus cool-down time from 700 degrees F to room temperature. The monarch is hand-painted on black glass, and the butterfly bush was created by using two layers of paint (independently fired) and glass frit (small chunks of glass) on a blue and white background glass. 


This is a special one-of-a-kind art glass piece that was created with many hours of cutting, painting, and love and care. It measures 15.5" rim-to-rim. 

Monarch Butterfly art glass bowl

  • Art glass bowls and platters should be hand-washed; automatic dishwashing is not recommended.