This is a PDF version of a short tutorial available for reading, free of charge, on my blog. In addition to the blog contents, it includes the pattern for the project. The digital download of this 11-page booket (includes cover & back matter, plus pattern) is available here for a nominal fee. The fee helps to cover, in a small way, my time and effort of creating the blog post and formatting it into PDF version for sharing. 


This project uses full-fuse and tack-fuse techniques. This booklet does not include firing schedules. There are many sources of firing schedules available free of charge, including on my blog and on glass manufacturers' web sites. 


This design is presented for personal use only and may not be used for commercial use. I strongly encourage you to modify this design idea and "make it your own".


No part of this document may be used for teaching or otherwise redistributed without prior written permission. 

Sunset in the Garden Tutorial

  • Copyright 2020, Dana Worley. You may use this design idea to create your own original work of art for personal, non-commercial, use. No part of this document may be copied, redistributed, or used in a teaching environment without prior written approval.